Executive on Demand


Core Catalysts' Executive on Demand program is a flexible arrangement that pairs business needs with the right leader. The program provides seasoned, vetted executive services impassioned to solve and improve key business challenges on an interim, supplementary or advisory basis. Whether planned or unexpected, clients partner with highly adaptable and experienced leaders with proven processes, methodologies, tools and teams as needed. The Core Catalysts executives are quick to adapt and roll up their sleeves to share their strong mentoring skills and objective insights from other companies and industries. Flexible leadership is much more impactful than hiring and recruiting when not needed. Not caught up in office politics and not looking for next job; Core Catalysts Executives are motivated solely by business successes.

Interim          Supplementary          Advisory

FILL LEADERSHIP VACANCIES for sudden or planned departures, seasonal cycles; time to hire

ADD STRATEGIC DIRECTION to accelerate momentum, growth and market position through new strategies, product/service launches, sales, marketing and communications

COACH AND MENTOR LEADERSHIP to develop peak performance, new roles and new cultures

LEAD CHANGE MANAGEMENT through restructures, negotiations, downsizing, mergers & acquisitions, turnarounds and business sale

IMPROVE OPERATIONS AND SYSTEMS TRANSITIONS leading implementations, workflow and infrastructure changes and driving
new foundational direction