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June 2019

Have a failing project? Get it back on track!

The project from heaven has turned into the project from hell.  Nobody has said anything yet, but key milestones are about to be missed, it’s over budget, and now people are not even turning up for meetings.  Time’s running out! Matt Craig, Director of Consulting at Core Catalysts and resident Project Management subject matter expert, […]

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April 2019

The Basics of PMO Maturity

I would argue the it’s important to every organization to first know at what level is their PMO operating.  It is equally important to determine what level their PMO should be operating.  In reflecting on the multitude of organizations I have had the pleasure of working with I’ve seen three basic PMO operating levels.  These […]

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May 2017

Lease Accounting Workflow

Introduction The following lease accounting implementation process flow represents a potential implementation project for a company.  This narrative will provide a high-level overview that will allow an efficient workflow analysis and better content understanding.  We can assist in any or all of the following project facets including stakeholders, tools, inventory, process, value, and reporting.   Stakeholders […]

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