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June 2019

Sales and Operations Planning Insights into Global Marketing

Effective sales and operations planning, or S&OP, must strive to have a common focus, which can be difficult to achieve without a process to guide the way. S&OP in manufacturing environments provides a structure for a culture of open communication, a common language for that communication and measurements to assure optimal results. With a clearly […]

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As Your Workforce Retires, Don’t Be Caught With a Knowledge Gap

Most companies don’t recognize the value of their resources until they are gone. Will that be you?   Soon, many manufacturing companies will miss out on one of their most valuable resources—50% of their valuable resources! It is not the C-level executive or the manager, but production workers on the manufacturing floor, making the product […]

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March 2019

Innovation, Strategically.

Technology innovation is changing for CEOs and CFOs

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