Solving Cloud Sprawl

Cloud Visibility and Management for Immediate Results

Core Catalysts and Smart Factory partner to offer complete cloud visibility services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure to enhance cost management, resource controls, and security and compliance. Whether it’s a one-time diagnostic or ongoing cloud management, our services deliver easy-to-understand, proven, diagnostic data and processes to put you back in control.

Our two teams provide comprehensive expertise with years of experience in specialized problem-solving and advanced technologies. With our powerful platform and extensive knowledge, we provide consistent results for your cloud infrastructure within a matter of days.


We Are Committed to Solving Your Cloud Sprawl

Cost Management

Combat the need for expensive cloud enhancements due to service provider complexity

  • Make sense of recurring cloud costs and transform non-value add resources that are idle, unused, or unmanaged
  • Determine optimal cloud sizing to maximize performance
  • Identify unnecessary software downloads that drain CPU cycles
  • Incorporate consolidated billing to get the most out of Reserved Instances, leading to reduced costs and increased profit margins


Align your cloud strategy with your corporate strategy.

  • Leverage vendor invoices with chargeback or showback to assign usage responsibility to specific departments
  • Choose the right cloud options for individual resources based on performance, efficiency, and cost savings

Security and compliance

Prevent errors that lead to damaging security breaches and maintain compliance responsibilities.

  • Simplify wide-spread security checks to instantly identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and prioritize fixes based on risk
  • Receive security alerts and create automatic responses for recurring issues
  • Ensure compliance with up to 35 distinct regulatory and industry standards from ISO, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, and more
  • Prove past compliance with up to seven years of records for any potential audits