Susan K Spaulding


Author. Speaker. Facilitator. Researcher. Strategist. Consultant. And Coach. She may wear a lot of hats, but she does so in order to best show those who are looking for what’s next a clear path to a successful future.

Business owners, executives, and C-suite leaders all come to Susan to uncover new possibilities and help map out the future via:

• Brand Differentiation—Creating value and connection
• Opportunity Definition—Unleashing possibilities
• Transition Navigation—Shaping what’s next
• Inspiring & Mentoring—Sharing your story

With an entrepreneurial mindset and decades’ long consulting career, Susan is able to help uncover opportunities that lead to great outcomes. She utilizes a hands-on approach combined with her trademark curiosity to figure out how things work.

That, combined with an understanding of human behavior, helps Susan put even the most challenging of puzzle pieces together to find the best strategic path to achieve real, tangible results. This path is designed to help shape what’s next and create an exciting future for businesses and individuals.

Thought Leadership

  • 2020 will be here soon – Are you planning for it or winging it?
    It is that time of year when many organizations are making strategic decisions about the coming year. Whether you approach planning formally or informally, there are many ways to skin the cat.  What is most important is that you have a workable plan and not just a laundry list of tasks. When that happens, according […]


BA Journalism – University of Kansas
MA Marketing – Webster University



Entrepreneur and Business Owner
Author of two books - Recalibrate, A Strategic Guide to Accelerated Growth, and Recalibrate for Life 2.0, Transition Stories for Business Leaders.
Author of three e-books – The Power & Profit of Knowledge, The Power & Profit of Employee Engagement, The Power & Profit of Facilitating Collaboration
Blogger, speaker and guest instructor
Facilitator and moderator
Storyteller of business, brand and life stories
National and local association board member
2007 Kansas City Business Journal Women Who Mean Business 2007
2006 Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Top Ten Small Business in Kansas City