LeaseCaptureSM is a software tool to help teams, ours and yours, with the complex process of collecting and documenting leases and all the pieces of information that go with them. On average we've found each lease contains 10 documents! Proper tools and data management have suddenly become even more essential for appropriate lease treatments to be applied per the new FASB standards.

The LeaseCaptureSM tool was built to save companies significant time, resources and learning curve versus building something on their own in MS Excel or waiting for a new Lease Management software acquisition and implementation.


Have you started? Trouble getting started? Hit a wall?

  • Ease of Use - Built with an intuitive user interface to minimizing end-user confusion and more importantly, get your team entering leases in seconds
  • 24/7 Access - Offered as cloud-based solution so that each and every user has 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Data Integrity - Extensive audit capabilities and built-in data control mechanisms so that you are sure the right data is entered by the right person
  • Reporting - Extensive reporting capabilities so as to aid in your data collection efforts, standardized calculations, and so much more
  • Document Management - Ability to securely store all documents associated with each individual lease

 Because FASB ASC 842 and IFRS compliance is right around the corner…

…you need the right tool for the job and the expertise to support you!

LeaseCaptureSM is an intuitive, easy to use tool powered by the seasoned expertise of the Core Catalysts team. Having the power of the Core Catalysts team makes all the difference!


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Throughout the process it is important to keep tabs on progress.
Because of this, LeaseCaptureSM offers standardized reporting allowing your
organization to quickly see the progress that you have made based
on key metrics. Nevertheless, while standardized and extensive reporting is
available not every company is the same. That’s why LeaseCaptureSM
also has the ability to generate customized reports that you need
when you need them.


Now that you’ve leveraged LeaseCaptureSM to gather all of your lease
data what now?

With the click of button you can quickly export all of the important
data needed for upload into a Lease Management application. In
addition, the experts at Core Catalysts are poised to help you and
your organization with data mapping if required by your Lease Management


LeaseCaptureSM streamlines the data collection process and as a result your
organization is more efficient. Through the use of “SMART” fields
LeaseCaptureSM drives what data should be collected for each individual
lease. These critical fields are presented in an easy to answer format
therefore increasing efficiency and reducing confusion.


Do you have a group of leases with some of the data already captured in a
different system or application?

From 1 to 10,000 leases LeaseCaptureSM provides functionality that
allows the bulk upload of lease data. We have developed an intuitive up-
load template so that you can quickly and efficiently upload your data
into LeaseCaptureSM.


LeaseCaptureSM offers an easy and efficient way to store all of your
lease documents. As documents are uploaded to the system they
are associated with their individual lease records so as to make the
validation process quick and easy.

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