Consulting Solutions

Our solutions are based on the experiences built up from many different projects for clients across many different industries and sizes.

For mid-sized companies, our teams assist with developing business strategies and the tactics required to enable the strategies. Our teams also support projects that are key to the company’s growth or efficiency goals where we bring in program and project management tools and techniques to maximize results. We bring in subject matter experts in several areas that can diagnose issues, understand risks and controls and provide solutions.
For larger companies, our teams can augment large project efforts (such as ERP, CRM and other back office implementations) or tackle focused efforts such as product profitability analysis and other management consulting topics.

Program & Project Management

Some of our clients need our consultants to help in getting their hands on the ‘projects’ that have going on in all the various parts of the organization. A Program Management Office (PMO) can help to identify, organize, prioritize and manage the many projects in an organization and help with resource allocation of money and people. Project Management techniques, processes and tools can help to structure the work efforts in organization so that projects are delivered on time and within budget constraints.

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“Core Catalysts evaluated our internal process relative to a pending software implementation. They worked with our team to break the project up into phases, which allowed our team to manage the requirements for each of the phases and define a clear path to getting the software implemented. They also identified a number of opportunities within our process that would increase productivity and accuracy. We have also worked with Core Catalysts to train an internal resource on project management, which allows our team to take on the responsibility for managing the multi-phased approach. Their mentoring and guidance have allowed our project management process to evolve and significantly increase in value.”

Mike Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Advisors Excel

Process Improvement

Process improvement can be hard for companies to prioritize given day to day workloads and priorities. We offer our own consulting methodologies that are proven to speed up the current state documentation, assessment/improvement identification and future state process development and execution. We can also use our clients’ current process improvement methods. In either case, we focus on tangible results.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Outside facilitation of strategic planning sessions, non-biased feedback and external research is well known to enhance a company or business unit’s efforts at strategic planning. Working with your executives Core Catalysts consultants can use our own methodology, our client’s, or an established standard – in any case our consultants will drive outcomes resulting in strategic plans that can be executed, not just entertained.

Revenue Enhancement

Assessment and analysis of your operations processes for generating and receiving revenue can provide insights into over billing, under billing and disconnects with your contracts and payment terms.  We use data analytics and process analysis tools to help you discover opportunities for improvements.  Sales team effectiveness is often a measurable by-product of the Core Catalysts consulting efforts.

“The Core Catalysts team developed a process and managed a complex, multi-system data set to facilitate internal meetings, evaluating and making changes to our core product pricing. The facilitated meetings allowed our team to focus on their daily responsibilities and address major business issues when engaged in their discussion. We were able to evaluate and make significant changes to our pricing in a very compressed timeframe, which contributed to a significant bottom line improvement.”

Paul, Vice President, Business Unit for Multi-billion dollar, global manufacturing company

Expense Reduction

We know Finance. A second set of eyes looking at the major expense areas of a company can provide some quick and impressive results.  This is not about getting better deals from third party vendors by tough negotiations or reviewing duplicate invoices rather we look deeper into areas not easy to address such as large, complex telecom bills, hardware and software licenses, compliance with various contract terms and inefficient business processes.

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Asset Efficiency

Companies that value and assess their assets and how to get as much use out of them as their peer groups will ask our teams for assistance to evaluate their current techniques and offer suggestion for improvements.  Sometimes this takes the form of modeling ‘what if’ scenarios so that the executive team can make better strategic decisions.

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Risk Mitigation

A systematic review, assessment and management of your organization’s enterprise risks can help ease regulatory compliance concerns and focus leadership’s time on the most critical areas by using repeatable processes. Risk mitigation options can be tailored better to the potential of the risks to the organization.

Management Consulting

Why use a Core Catalyst consultant? We bring large firm experience scaled to meet your needs. We believe that it’s important to recognize that our clients are individuals, often challenged with a problem that doesn’t have an easy answer. Our tools, processes and skills are merely a means to an end; a satisfied client. Core Catalysts consultants have a varied skill set from finance to operations, with substantial overlap in many areas so we can better serve our clients.

Software Solutions

Core Catalysts professionals build and maintain custom software solutions that are typically very focused on specific business applications.  These software solutions can be imbedded in client projects as part of our services or turned over outright to the client depending on their needs.  Some examples of the software that we build and bring to clients include data mining solutions, benchmark tools, program management, lease accounting tools, dashboards and risk management framework to name a few.

Our software solutions are built with current tools and designed from the start to be easy to maintain and change over time.  In many cases our tools need to easily integrate with existing platforms and data sources at the client site.  We have fully documented instructions and manuals that make it easy to transition to clients that want to maintain and change the tools themselves.

“We have worked with Core Catalysts for multiple years on multiple projects. We do not typically use consultants; however, they quickly developed an understanding of our complex business processes and systems and were able to deliver high value for each of the projects they delivered. They were able to take data from multiple systems and leverage the information to provide analysis and develop a tool to automate a process that provided greater productivity, accuracy, and reliability saving our organization substantial amounts of money annually. They provided the documentation and training necessary to allow our team to manage the tool and process for future success. They leveraged their team members with a wide variety of skills that have included risk assessment, data mining , process improvement, data analytics and financial analysis down to the product level.”

John, VP Finance, Multi-billion dollar, global manufacturing company